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Venus Water primarily provides consumers with solutions to problems encountered with drinking water. This site aims to provide information on Venus Water solutions, as well as a repository of information about water purification focusing on domestic water use in South Africa.

Venus Water treatment furthermore provides customers with solutions to problems encountered with wine cellar effluent.

Agricultural & Industrial Water Conditioning

This division of our service mostly comprises of turnkey (design, install and commission) projects for the agricultural and winery sectors in the Western Cape.

The following examples are typical of the types of water conditioning that we undertake:

  • Water stabilization with limestone contact.
  • Iron removal with oxidizing medium contact filters.
  • Disinfection with brominators.
  • Disinfection with ozone.
  • Disinfection with ultra-violet germicidal lamps.
  • Disinfection with electro kinetic barrier filters.
  • Disinfection with ultra filtration.
  • Demineralisation with resin contact or reverse osmosis.
  • Ionisation to produce alkaline micro water.
  • Ionisation to produce super oxidized water.
  • Sediment filtration with sand filters, multi-medium filters, disc filters, bag filters and pleated - and polypropylene cartridges.
  • De-chlorination with activated carbon or KDF filters.
  • Wine cellar effluent treatment with aeration techniques and constructed wetlands.
  • Safari water conditioners.
  • Bottled beverage filtration.
  • Production of distilled water, softened water, ozonated water, ionized water, demineralised water and mineralised water.

Applications vary over a wide range of water qualities. It is advisable to start with a water analysis in order to identify the conditioning process required to rectify problematic waters. Contact us for a free interpretation of your water sample laboratory analysis.

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