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Water Stabilizing:


Stabilized water is water that stands neutral towards contact with metals and minerals.


In contrast un-stabilized water dissolves metals and minerals, thereby causing corrosion of these metals.  This action impacts on maintenance cost on copper plumbing pipes and hot water geysers.  Such water is referred to as soft water.


Over saturated water on the other hand tends to form scaling deposits onto metal pipes and heated water surfaces.  This is referred to as hard water.


Our Western Cape bore hole water sources are almost always corrosive with low pH values, low calcium concentrations and low alkalinity.


In practice there are various indexes that are used to determine and assess the measure of a corrosive water sample.


It is advisable to stabilize sub-surface water before it is supplied to homesteads to reduce expensive maintenance cost to copper plumbing.  Furthermore the dissolved copper is also not healthy for humans to consume.  Tell tale indications of this problem would be blue green marks on white sanitary ware in bathrooms and kitchens.


Venus Water Treatment offers a service for analyzing  water samples to detect this problem and to assess the severity of the problem by using a software program that can quantify remedial actions required.


By for instance contacting the raw water with calcium cations in a CaCO3 column, a cost effective method is used to rectify this problem.


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