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Water Filtration Systems

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What are you Drinking?

The human body consists of over 70% water. To believe that contaminants in our drinking water have little or no bearing on our health is to ignore reality.


If you have municipal water in your home, your local authority has disinfected the water at the purification works before piping it to your home.


Although local authorities strive to ensure that we get the best water possible, they cannot undo all of the pollution damage to our water resources caused by decades of ignorance and abuse.


In most instances chlorine is dosed into the water in concentrations large enough to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as to maintain a residual disinfecting effect to the furthest point of the distribution network. With varying distances, varying abstraction rates and varying levels of management at local authorities chances are that you are taking in unhealthy doses of chlorine daily. Various medical investigations worldwide have linked the intake of chlorine and its by-products, such as Trihalomethanes (THM’s), to colon and kidney cancer. Don’t take any chances!


Organic pollutants such as pesticides and other chemicals used for agricultural and industrial purposes inevitably land up in the water cycle. Besides being unhealthy, they deteriorate the taste and odour of your water.


If you don’t have municipal drinking water in your home, you should be careful of bacterial infection of your water source, be it borehole water, surface water or rainwater from your roof. Microscopic organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidia, cysts and parasites in water sources are the cause of ailments such as hepatitis, dysentery, jaundice, etc. You more than likely require a water purification system consisting of more than only a point-of-use water purifier to remedy your raw surface or sub-surface water source.


Our domestic water can also contain too much dissolved heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, which originates from the oxidation of plumbing materials by the chlorine, chemical water treatment using aluminium compounds and recycling of industrial effluent. Aluminium intake is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, whereas lead intake is especially dangerous to children and pregnant women because it can impair a child’s mental and physical development. Prolonged exposure to increased lead levels also can cause aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity and learning problems. In adults, increased lead levels have been linked to high blood pressure and damaged hearing. Serious lead poisoning can lead to blindness, brain damage and mental retardation.


More and more water is recycled, adding to the increasing spiral of chemigation levels in our water by our water authorities to make it ‘safe’ to use for drinking and for preparing our meals. Think of rice, pastas and soup cooked with this water!


Our water authorities deliver our domestic water to our homes wrapped in a chemical package to preserve it. We don’t have to drink it package and all! We can remove the chemicals at point of use just before we want to consume it by making use of a simple point-of-use water purifier attached to our tap or mounted under our counter.


Purified water has many advantages:


  • Tea and coffee taste better with purified water.
  • Cooked vegetables retain their colour and goodness with purified water.
  • Purified water as a mixer or in the form of ice cubes enhances your favourite drink.
  • Human hair retains its colour and structure better when washed with purified water.
  • Breast-feeding mothers with newborn babies could give their children a chlorine-free start in life; whereas bottle-fed babies could be protected from contaminants if purified water is added to their milk formula.
We provide you with quality service and advice. After studying your water analysis we can custom design a water filtration system that will cover all your needs. Our approved and well-recognized filtration systems will trun your borehole, rainwater and even munisipal water into the true quality water that we are meant to drink.