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Domestic Products

Over 20 years of experience

Counter Top Units

The Counter Top purifiers are easily attached to the end on the spout of most kitchen mixer taps.


No plumbing is required.


There are two methods of attachment available:


The diverter valve option is permanently fixed and allows the user to select whether to tap purified water or unpurified water. Simply remove the existing screen by unscrewing it from the spout and screw the diverter valve on in its place. The diverter valve has it’s own screen. Sometimes a reducing adaptor is required to reduce spout screen threads, which are 20mm to 15mm in order to fit the diverter valve. We can offer a plastic cup fitting option, which is a temporary fixture without the ability to select purified vs. unpurified water. The cup slips over the screen on the end of the mixer tap spout and has to be removed again after use in order to tap unpurified water. The cup fitting can be used with round spouts of 15mm only. Most mixer taps have these specifications. The counter top purifier is normally placed on the counter next to the mixer tap. We have optional brackets to mount the counter top purifiers onto a wall above or near the sink if required.


Under counter Units

The under counter purifier is attached to the plumbing which feeds water to the cold water tap. The purifier is normally installed under the kitchen sink . A stand-alone faucet is mounted next to your existing mixer tap. Purified water is supplied through this faucet. There are two types of faucets to choose from, namely a Touch Flow type or the Super Silver more elegant type. Purified water is supplied directly to the prep bowl tap from below the counter. The whole house unit is normally installed outside the house between the municipal water meter and the supply to the building, excluding the garden water. It comes complete with a primary sediment cartridge prefilter, a precautionary post filter, as well as backwash facilities.


Inline Units

These purifiers are installed in the cold water supply lines to ice maker machines, drinking fountains or water dispensers.


Shower Units

Shower filters are mounted between the wall and the shower rose and can be used with hot water


GAC = Granular Activated Carbon
KDF = Cu/Zn Alloy Chips


Product list

Countertop Purifiers (CTC)

S/S Single Counter Top Purifier

White Single Counter Top Purifier

White Double Counter Top Purifier

Under Counter Purifiers (UCC)

Single Under Counter Purifier

Double Under Counter Purifier

Reverse Osmosis Purifiers (RO)

RO Without Pump

RO With Pump

RO Pressure Tank

Anti-Oxidant Water Ionizers (Venus Ionizers)

Venus Ionizers